Payday Loans Redundancies and Pension Cuts


A reversal of the thousands of redundancies paid by the minimum wage and an inevitable lifting of the personal gap from 2020 marks the developments in the labor market.

As the “P” has written, from March there will be an increase in redundancies as businesses will take a proactive reduction in staff because they can not withstand, after over-taxation and over-taxation, the new burdens stemming from raising the minimum wage to EUR 650 and abolishing the sub-threshold. January’s data are extremely worrying and reinforce the European Commission’s predictions that this year’s Gross Domestic Product Growth will be 2% and not 2.5% as estimated by the government.


Redundancies and Pension Cuts


According to the “X-ray” of last month’s data, flexible forms of work are increasingly being strengthened, making it a powerful signal for redundancies in the private sector due to the increased minimum wage. According to the “ERGANI” system, last month’s performance was the second worst performance since 2013, with 22,333 jobs lost and part-time employment at 53.24% in new recruitments (46.76% in full-time contracts employment). It is worth noting that in 2014 the new full-time recruitment was at 54.47%, when Greece grew to 0.5% growth this year after six years of recession!

The figures for the past five months show a worrying rise in part-time work, which will lead to fatal lesser full-time recruitment from March when the tourist season begins. Unless the … fatal happened in 2015, then full-time wage flows would be spectacularly higher today than flexible forms of work. At this stage it appears that tax and tax incentives have played a key role in the image of business and employment.


Pension “Mowing”


Pension "Mowing"


The spectacular overthrow of labor relations fatally leads to dominoes in pensions, where it is a matter of time to reduce to 1,400,000 current beneficiaries, who have a personal difference.

The … revelation of fraud and apparent memorial euphoria will happen in 2020, so it is extremely difficult to maintain the personal difference for 60% of retired people. It is noted that the overrun of the target due to bank foreclosures allowed the postponement of the measure for one year. Besides, there has not been any law in the House that would cancel the previous one, which would be a cause … of a war for the lenders.


Redundancies and Pension Cuts


According to experts, the pressure on the insurance system will increase as fatigue arises in the collection of seizure income while, on the other hand, the slowdown in the income flow from employers ‘and workers’ contributions is further reinforced by the fact that hundreds of thousands of borrowers in the “red zone”. An additional point to be made in relation to the objectives of the Medium-Term Program is that at the end of 2018 unemployment should be at 15% and closed at 19.5%!

The big problem for the Insurance Policy, which will soon be seen, is that, due to the inability to attract large-scale capital, the full-time trend of flexible forms can not be changed. Indeed, as reported by ND Labor Party Worker Giannis Vroutsis, 1 in 3 is paid a salary of € 319 per month, while human brain drain continues abroad. According to all indications, the next government will have little room to intervene to “freeze” the abolition of personal dispute, which comes as a natural consequence of the criminal policy that followed in 2015.