Patiala civic body fails to file labor tax, served notice : The Tribune India

Tribune press service

Karam Prakache

Patiala, April 12

Regarding the “unsettled” work stoppage, the Punjab Building and Other Construction Workers Welfare Council (BOCW) has issued a notice to the Patiala Municipal Corporation (MC) to file the stoppage waiting. The notice to the MC – quoting a report from the Principal Accountant General (Audit) on Social and Economic Sectors – reads: “The MC did not deposit labor dues during the period 2013-2018, d ‘an amount of Rs4.22 crore.’ The AG, in its 2019 report, reportedly highlighted the ongoing cessation.However, the MC has yet to pay the tax.

In accordance with the BOCW Cess Act, 1% of the total cost of any construction facility must be deposited with the Department of Labor as labor.

The Labor Board also ordered the MC to provide details of the dues collected and deposited with the BOCW Welfare Board from 2018-19. The MC must submit the details within the next 30 days. It has been learned that the council will send all reports relating to the MC to the Punjab Vidhan Sabha Public Accounts Committee.

Vijay Walia, an activist fighting for construction workers, said: “MC and Labor Department officials should be prosecuted under the relevant sections for failing to file the labor tax – which is for the well-being to be workers. “

Patiala MC Commissioner Keshav Hingonia did not respond to repeated calls and messages. Meanwhile, Jagpreet Singh, Deputy Labor Commissioner of Patiala, said he had already directed the collector to ensure that the MC of Patiala deposited the labor tax with the labor commission.

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