New Westminster tenant demanded bail despite destruction

The tenant tried to hide it by cutting sections of the carpet.

People like to pick on landlords because, well, sometimes those who rent out property make it easy by being mean to their tenants.

But there are also terrible tenants, including one hellish tenant I heard about in a dispute resolution decision with the BC Residential Tenancy Branch.

I often read RTB decisions when studying the dynamic between tenants and landlords. Often it’s just a matter of miscommunication between the two parties. I will read these rulings and find myself shouting at the screen “just talk!”

The other issue I’ve found is that many tenants and landlords are simply unaware of residential tenancy rules. This is particularly worrying when it comes to landlords. It’s their job to know the rules and follow them.

Of course, no rules can help a situation where a tenant from hell does disgusting things in your house.

A ruling from the RTB details a New Westminster tenant who actually filed paperwork to get his security deposit back after leaving his rental unit in ruins.

How bad was that?

Well, the tenant had burned holes in the carpet with cigarettes and then tried to cover it up by cutting sections of the carpet.

They also had an unauthorized pet that did a lot of damage.

“(The owner) said the carpet was so stained and urine-soaked that he had to replace it,” read the RTB’s decision.

The landlord testified that the tenant moved out without cleaning the house, including leaving rotten food in the fridge.

“When asked about cleaning, specifically about food left in the refrigerator, the tenant said she could not tell if she had cleaned the refrigerator because she had short-term memory problems,” the judgment reads.

The RTB ruled in favor of the landlord, saying the tenant had left the apartment in “deplorable” condition and refusing the tenant to recover his deposit.

Imagine the nerve it takes to destroy a place and then go to court to get your bail back.

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