Loan through a messaging app!

Gandalf Credit, a finite and credit company, has become the first in the world to lend via Viper. In order to achieve even better service and a quick response to the needs of its customers, Gandalf Credit has teamed up with Viper and developed a revolutionary service channel. Communication in one of the largest apps for conversations is through an integrated chat, programmed to provide general information, handle applications, lend, and communicate on curious and up-to-date topics. 

“We are extremely proud that we have once again been able to meet the challenges of high demand for online financial services. Mobile application communication is the future of all services and we are pleased to be the first in cooperation with Viper, “commented Georgi Krumov, founder of Gandalf Credit and Chairman of the Board of the company.

Viper is one of the most popular and fast-growing communication tools around the world. The application has over 800 million registered users according to December 2016 data and its database continues to grow. It is known for its easy and quick functionality, as well as the high level of security it provides to its users through its encrypted chat services. The partnership between Viper and Gandalf Credit is a logical continuation of the two companies’ pursuit of innovative solutions and a continuous improvement of the services offered.

Gandalf Credit is the finest company that, thanks to the combination of technology and innovation, provides the fastest response to the credit market – within 6 minutes of applying, and is constantly working towards delivering a faster and more efficient service. The chat-based communication that Viper offers Cash Collaboration is fast and fun and leaves the process of filling in fields and pressing buttons in the past. Applying for a credit is very simple – through guiding questions the bot identifies the customer and sends his approval request. The answer comes in 6 minutes, and the amount can be immediately used in the client’s bank account.