Here is why the Systematic Deposit Plan is an ideal savings instrument

Easy financial planning

The monthly maturity program has the unique advantage of treating each of your deposits as a separate entity with interest rates applicable to each on the day of deposit. The duration chosen also applies to each of your deposits, i.e. each has a different maturity date. You receive the principal and interest of each deposit on its due date, which means you can plan ahead for a special phase in your life where you can foresee the need for more income. The handy SDP calculator helps you predict the exact returns you can expect on your deposit on the maturity date.

Convenient online investment process

Increasing your monthly savings is now easier than ever, with the end-to-end online SDP process. You can start investing from the comfort of your home without any documentation issues. If you are an existing client, you can easily visit our online investment form and invest immediately. New clients can also complete the online application form and start your investment journey.

The Systematic Deposit Plan offers a unique savings opportunity that combines the security and convenience of a fixed deposit with the payouts you might expect from a SIP. Of the two variants, Monthly Maturity Scheme offers the unique advantage of being able to plan for a higher monthly income for the foreseeable future.

Some of the cool features of the diet are:

  • The monthly maturity program interest rate for each deposit is the rate in effect on the date of the deposit.

  • You can choose deposit amounts from Rs. 5000 per month

  • The duration of the deposit can be chosen from 12 to 60 months

  • The number of deposits can be set between 6 and 48

  • Easy automatic renewal with an additional 0.10% tariff advantage

Use the Monthly Payment Scheme Calculator to see how much you can expect to be paid when each deposit is due.

For a guaranteed corpus that lands safely in your hands, the monthly maturity schedule is a smart option. The best time to start saving is now! Consider investing in one to see your savings grow.

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