Credit One Bank® NASCAR® Credit Card Review 2021 – Forbes Advisor

Earn rewards

Earn 1% Cash Back Rewards on the purchase of gasoline and automobiles and 2% Cash Back Rewards on all purchases in the NASCAR Store. Those with a higher credit score could qualify to earn 1% on all purchases and 2% cash back on NASCAR store purchases.

The NASCAR credit card also provides access to the More Cash Back Rewards program. Purchases from participating merchants could earn “up to 10%” in return. Participating merchants are not disclosed until you become a cardholder, so additional rewards may not be meaningful to you.

Redeeming rewards

Rewards are automatically redeemed each month as a credit to your account each month you make a qualifying purchase. You cannot request a check or other form of payment for your rewards.

Reward potential

The following example calculates the rewards earned on the first reward tier: 2% on NASCAR store purchases and 1% on qualifying gasoline and auto purchases. The average household spends about $ 2,100 on gasoline per year for potential rewards of $ 21 each year.

The remaining reward potential will be unique to your individual spending habits. Most merchandise at the NASCAR store ranges from $ 10 to $ 150. Even assuming monthly purchases of $ 50 to $ 75, your maximum reward would be $ 18 per year.

Likewise, the age and condition of your vehicles will have an impact on the amount earned. Based on average AAA car maintenance costs of 8.94 cents per mile and the US Department of Transportation’s estimate of 13,476 miles per year, the average American spends $ 1,200 on auto services per year. Assuming a two-car household, you could earn an additional $ 24 in auto parts and services.

Based on these estimates, the expected rewards are $ 63 per year. Additionally, any purchase of gasoline or automobiles from discount supermarkets, warehouse clubs, or online retailers not categorized as auto parts or services will not earn rewards.

Assuming a sufficient credit limit and NASCAR purchases of $ 500, cardholders could earn around $ 210 per year.

To arrive at this number, Forbes Advisor uses data from various government agencies to determine both basic income and average expenses in various categories. The average household earns $ 78,635 per year and has $ 41,646 in standard expenses. Assuming that 50% of your expenses, including NASCAR purchases, are charged to this card, the total annual expense per card would be $ 20,732.

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