A payday loan in your own bank is not always profitable

Pożyczka we własnym banku nie zawsze opłacalna

Are you going to take a payday loan? In this case, you have a lot of different offers. Most often, we start by checking the loans in our own bank. You have to be careful though, because this option is not always the most advantageous!

Currently, more and more banks offer their clients the possibility of borrowing via the Internet. It’s a quick and convenient solution and we can have money on our account in just a few minutes. Of course, not every bank has such an offer for us, but more and more is launching an on-line loan service. However, we must remember that such an offer will not always be profitable, just like taking a loan at our bank in its outlet.

The competition is cheaper

Usually it turns out that if we review various loan offers, we can borrow money cheaper in another bank. There are over a dozen different banks on the Polish market, so everyone has a slightly different offer. The banks’ goal is to attract new customers, therefore they organize various promotions on their products – this also applies to payday loans and other loans and credits. Therefore, it is usually at competition that we can borrow money cheaper. However, it is worth to carefully read the offers, because it may turn out that they will not always be as beneficial to us as it may seem.

payday loans are a very wide market, so it is worth mentioning that we can get money today not only in the bank, but also we can use the services of non-banking companies. For a long time, these companies were associated with not very attractive offers and high risk. However, currently we choose them without fear – they are proven companies, often belonging to international groups, providing customers with instant access to cash, also via the Internet.

Where to get a cheaper payday loan?

In the selection of an advantageous payday loan, first of all, online price comparison and calculators can help us. Thanks to them, we can check in one place where the loan costs will be the most attractive. However, we must remember to always carefully read the offer on the lender’s website – it happens that the information in the comparison engines and calculators is no longer valid.

For bank loans, let us also consider whether the bank will not sign an additional contract for opening an account or issuing a card with us – this may mean additional costs. Do not reject loan companies that offer non-bank loans at once.

They are very easy to obtain and we do not have to deliver any documents. We will also get them online and the costs are not as high as it may seem. It is also worth mentioning that such loans are not only the payday loans we take out for one month, but also installment loans that we can receive even for a few years. Then we pay a low, affordable installment, which will not be a big burden on the household budget.

In summary, a loan in your own bank is not always the most profitable one.

However, we must remember to check the offers carefully and to recalculate, where it is worth to borrow money – the differences in the amount of installments can be very large!