A Loan for a Wedding and A Wedding Ranking Of The Best Offers


The list of wedding expenses is impressive:

– payment for the wedding hall

– costs of celebrations in the Church

– photographer

– musical setting

– wedding rings, wedding dresses

And many others. Everything depends, of course, on the “momentum of the wedding”. We have adopted the following assumptions for our ranking:

  • A wedding loan in the amount of PLN 40,000
  • Repayment within 4 years
  • The possibility of early repayment



1. Inbank – new

  • Monthly installment PLN 999
  • In total, we give PLN 47 983
  • All over the Internet
  • A bank statement will be available

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2. Kredyt iGotówka BGŻ BNP Paribas

2. Kredyt iGotówka BGŻ BNP Paribas

  • Monthly installment PLN 1074
  • In total, we donate PLN 51 552
  • Application via the Internet
  • The possibility of early repayment

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3. T-Mobile Banking loan

3. T-Mobile Banking loan

  • Monthly installment PLN 1078
  • In total, we give PLN 51,744
  • All over the Internet
  • The possibility of early repayment

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4. PKO Mini Ratka

4. PKO Mini Ratka

  • Monthly installment PLN 1166
  • In total, we give PLN 55 968
  • Full online
  • The possibility of early repayment

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How we prepared the ranking

By compiling the list, we reviewed the offers of 17 banks. The winners were cash loans with the lowest APRC, and thus – with the lowest installment.

A wedding loan is not a special type of loan. It’s just a cash loan that we can use for any purpose – including the one related to the wedding and the wedding.


The procedure looks similar in all banks:

1) applying for a loan

2) verification of our creditworthiness

3) withdrawing money to the account

To examine our creditworthiness, you will need a certificate of employment and income or a bank account statement. Offers are available for people with a positive credit history at BIK.

Below are detailed procedures at individual banks:

1. Wedding loan in iGotówka

The loan is available entirely via the Internet up to PLN 20,000. In the case of a larger loan – the contract is signed at any branch of BGŻ BNP Paribas.

On the iGotówka website, using the sliders, we indicate the amount of the loan and the repayment period. We also choose the purpose of the loan: celebrations or current needs. It does not really matter.

We click on the “Simulation” button. We receive the amount of our installment, APY and the total amount to be repaid.

We are moving to filling out the application. We indicate the basic data in it. The contract can be concluded electronically (in the case of loans up to PLN 20,000) or in any branch.

2. Wedding loan T-Mobile Usługi Bankowe

– The loan is available entirely via the Internet. We fill out a loan application on the T-Mobile Usługi Bankowe website. We receive the initial loan decision while filling out the application.

– A T-Mobile consultant will be contacted by phone for verification. In the case of a credit decision, details of the courier’s visit to the contract are set.

– Payment of money to your account.

3. Wedding loan at mBank

The credit procedure is very simple and kept to a minimum. For clients of the bank (with an account in it) the loan is available even in 15 minutes.

Procedure for people with an account:

– We are applying for a loan. At the beginning, the system asks you if we are the Bank’s clients.

– We log in to our mBank online banking. The system will automatically indicate what credit we will receive without presenting any documents.

– Acceptance of contract terms in the transaction system. We indicate the amount of the loan and the number of installments.

– Payment of money – even 15 minutes after receiving a positive credit decision.



1. Is it worth taking a loan for a wedding?

This question must be answered by the Young Couple. There is no one answer, because everyone has a different life-material situation. On the one hand, we have wealthy people who do not have to take any credit, and on the other hand, who, without additional financing, have no chance for any admission.

A wedding loan has many good and bad sides. We decided to put it in order.

Pros of taking a loan:

– the possibility of organizing a wedding and a wedding “from dreams”

– a chance to invite more guests

– we use better times

– we choose a better wedding hall

– afford exceptional photos

– decent musical setting: DJ, band or orchestra

– tastier food

– better alcohol

– we can repay part of the loan immediately after the wedding

– no one denies money given to the wedding

– possibility to rent a limousine

– better wedding dress and suit

Why it is not worth taking a loan for a wedding

– we enter into a marriage with debt

– the wedding and the wedding lasts a maximum of 2 days, the loan is repaid much longer

– in the opinion of some people, it is better to do a smaller wedding, but with own resources

– we take a loan for a wedding more

2. A civil or church marriage loan?

Some of you wonder if the type of wedding has any meaning from the perspective of the loan. Well, there is not. The loan is available to both those preparing for a civil wedding and the one in the Church.

In practice, civil marriages cost a little less, because the expenses related to the Church go away: the priest’s payment, flowers, organist, etc.

3. What exactly can you spend your wedding loan for?

We can use the money for any purpose related to the wedding and celebration. In practice, the most expenses awaiting honeymooners concerns:

– wedding hall (remember about booking costs)

– wedding dress and costume for the groom

– payment for a priest and organist

– flowers in the Church

– wedding rings

– wedding invitations for guests

– photographer

– alcohol

– A DJ, band or orchestra

– gifts for parents of the bride and groom.

The honeymoon is usually financed from wedding gifts ?

4. Forum wedding loan

On the forum you will find a lot of useful information about the wedding and how to finance it. Many people wonder if it is worth (analysis is included in point 1) and what are the requirements.

Some users emphasize that despite all this is a good idea, because the spouses learn to manage the budget and are not dependent on the help of their parents.

More information directly on the forum:

– Kafeteria.pl

– Ślubowisko.pl

– Weseleforum.pl

4. What about the loan for an apartment before the wedding

Many people wonder what the subject of housing loan before marriage looks like. If we are not married, we simply join the mortgage loan as unrelated persons. The bank may demand repayment from any person in accordance with the loan agreement.

Subsequent entering into a marriage does not change anything in relation to the bank. We are still jointly and severally liable to repay the loan. The situation does not change at the time of divorce. The bank is still expecting repayment of debt from each spouse. The solution is to rewrite the loan for one person (provided that he has creditworthiness) while relinquishing ownership of the property by the other party.

5. Wedding loan – early repayment

In each proposed offer, it is possible to repay the loan faster. You must always inform the Bank about such an intention. Otherwise, the banking system “will not notice” the overpayment of the loan, and instead we will receive a prompt regarding the unpaid loan installment.

Early repayment of the loan in iGotówka

Each time, please contact the bank’s hotline at: (22) 566 93 00. The employee will show us the exact amount of the loan as at the repayment date.

6. What form of financing for a wedding and a wedding should you choose?

On one of the portals for future honeymooners, we found the following suggestions for wedding money:

– using the debit card limit

– use the credit card limit

– taking a payday loan

Unfortunately, these are not the best financial proposals. Please remember that the repayment of the credit limit on the card is a very expensive form of the loan.

It is even worse in the case of payday loans. In most companies, we have to give back money after 30 days. There are loan companies in which we can spread the repayment on monthly installments, but the APRC is usually above 100% and is several times higher than the APRC in presented loans in banks.

7. A cash loan for the wedding

Is a wedding loan a different product than a cash loan? No. A wedding loan is only a description of the purpose of a cash loan. Some banks require an indication of the destination of money from the loan, and some clearly indicate that the loan is for any purpose.



Many future spouses are not fully aware of all expenses related to marriage and wedding. Here they are:

– rental of the wedding hall

– wedding hall decoration

– wedding and wedding invitations

– wedding rings

– wedding dress + dress for correction

– costume for the groom (suit, tuxedo, tailcoat)

– footwear (even two for the bride)

– veil

– dance course

– wedding cake and other cakes

– hairdresser

– payment of the church and the priest

– flowers for the Church

– flowers for witnesses

– organist

– wedding gate

– photographer (for the wedding, wedding, correction and session)

– A DJ or band

– alcohol

– gifts for parents of the Bride and Groom

– limousine rental

– bellwether

– payments at the Registry Office (copies of the marriage certificate)

– accommodation for guests

– transport of wedding guests

– gifts for guests

– wedding attractions: fireworks display, balloons etc.

Remember that wedding expenses are spread over time. For part of the things we pay a lot before the wedding, for the part “in the course”, and some only after the ceremony.

The wedding itself is boldly planned and prepared often two years before the event itself. No, it’s not a joke ? The best wedding halls have all the dates taken well in advance.

Representative examples

1. iGotówka BGŻ BNP Paribas

APRC for a promotional cash loan in the amount of PLN 4,400, granted for 39 months, interest-bearing PLN 9.90%, with a commission of 4.99% and insurance 7.99% from the loan installment – as at June 26, 2015, it is 19, 55%. The total amount to be paid: PLN 5,865,69, loan installment: PLN 150.41, total loan amount: PLN 4,400. The condition for obtaining the interest rate of 5.90% per annum is to grant a loan (requested by the Internet) for over PLN 25,000 for a period not longer than 24 months and to conclude an insurance contract (A3 Package).

2. T-Mobile Banking Services

Total loan amount: PLN 5,879 (without credited costs), APR 12.80%, fixed interest rate: 4.90%, total payment: PLN 6 458.02, total cost PLN 579.02 (including: payment preparatory: PLN 0, interest: PLN 243.43, life insurance cost PLN 33.559), 18 equal monthly installments in the amount / after: PLN 358.78. The final loan terms depend on the customer’s creditworthiness, the date of the loan’s disbursement and the payment date of the first installment. Terms of the offer: as of 20/07/2015. Interest rate 4.90% and commission 0.00% refer to a loan with life insurance granted for an amount not exceeding PLN 50,000 repaid in a maximum of 24 monthly installments. Detailed terms and conditions of the promotion are set out in the Promotional Regulations “Pożyczka na 4.9%” available on the website www.t-mobilebankowe.pl.

3. mBank

A representative example for a cash loan granted under the “Allow yourself for more” promotion: nominal interest rate variable 8.49% per annum, total loan cost PLN 3789.07 (including loan commission 15.99% of the total loan amount) , total loan amount PLN 10 311, the real annual interest rate on the loan is 17.97%, duration of the contract is 47 months, the total amount to be paid 14 100.07 PLN, 47 equal monthly installments of 300 PLN – drawn up based on own information of 16/09/2015